25 Legit Ways To Make Money Online

#1 Ultimate Guide

Learn how to make money online in South Africa with FastMoney and our in-depth guide of 25 Legit ways to make money online. We’ve made sure to filter out all scams & only include methods that work 100% in SA.

  1. Win Free Stuff With Competitions

    Everybody loves free stuff & competitions give us an opportunity to win great prizes. The best part is that they are always super easy & free to enter.

    In South Africa we are blessed with a little company called JustPlay who has over 1,000,000+ users (which I guess makes them not so little).

    Competitions - Just Play

    How does JustPlay work?

    • Look through their list of prizes, pick one you like.
    • Engage with brand by filling in short questionnaire.
    • Viola, you’re entered in the draw for that prize.

    For other alternatives you can simply search google on a regular basis, from my experience these two queries usually get the best results:


  2. Make Money Blogging

    How to Make Money Blogging

    Blogging is simply having your own website where you write about your passions or a topic you have expert knowledge on.

    You can literally write about anything from loosing weight, to self-help or even stupid viral stories for example the blog ViralNova which made over $400,000 in just one December that’s R6,000,000 in one month.

    By starting a blog and creating value (aka. Articles, Pictures & Videos)  you will start to rank on Google and that’s where the magic happens:

    1. Your blog will receive free traffic from Google related searches.
    2. Readers who love your content will share it on social media and you will receive even more free traffic.
    3. You start to make a ton of cash from the Ads & Affiliate links on your blog.

  3. Rent Your Spare Room on AirBnb

    Make money with airbnb
    Have a spare room you not using? List it on AirBnb & rent it to tourists on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. Use the extra cash to pay down your mortgage & expand 😉

    AirBnb takes a 3% host service fee on each reservation.
    Average of 500,000+ stays per night.
    1,200,000+ AirBnb Listings

  4. Get Paid to Test Websites & Apps

    Make Money With User Testing
    Available in over 100 countries, It’s as simple as:

    1. Visit a website or an app
    2. Complete a set of tasks
    3. Speak your thoughts out loud
    4. Get paid $10 ( R135)
  5. Surveys for Money

    Getting rewarded to complete online surveys is a quick & easy way to earn a couple of hundred rand worth of vouchers every month.

    Here are just two awesome companies in SA you can try for free.

    Valued Opinions

    Valued Opinions - Paid Surveys

    • Earn 30 – 260 per completed survey.
    • Exchange 550 pts for R100 Voucher or  900 pts for R200 Voucher.
    • Vouchers redeemable at TakeAlot, Zando & YuppieChef

    The Panel Station

    • Earn 100 – 5000 points per completed survey
    • Exchange 8000 pts for R200 Voucher.
    • Vouchers redeemable at TakeAlot & PayPal.

    You can also check out our full paid surveys guide for more companies to try!

  6. Sell Your Photos

    Sell Your Photos
    Unfortunately your iPhone photos will not make the cut for this, but it’s a real easy way to make money. So if you consider yourself to be quite the photographer it’s time you purchase a fancy SLR camera & capture some high quality shots which you can sell on to companies such as Fotolia & iStockPhoto.

  7. Fiverr

    If you haven’t already heard of Fiverr you’re seriously missing out on the craziest market place on earth. You can practically buy any online service for $5!

    These services are called Gigs.


    So how do you make money online on fiver?

    Your imagination is the limit when it comes to creating gigs on Fiverr.

    If you’re crazy enough to make a video of your self-confessing your love to a complete stranger or if you’re willing to review random products or websites, you can make money fast.

    Fiver isn’t limited to crazy gigs, if you possess amateur skills in any industry such as graphic design, writing & seo you too can sell your services.

    How much can you earn?

    Basic Gigs start @ $5 and like with any business you can let customers top up their gigs with extras. Check out these awesome real life examples:

    I will Sing Happy Birthday as a Jungle Boy in the Jungle for $5
    (944 Sales = $4,720)

    Fiver Gig 1

    I will create a promotional video featuring twins $15
    (4116 Sales = $61,740)


  8. Start a YouTube Channel

    Have you noticed all those ads on YouTube videos?

    While those ads generate a ton of money and YouTube being the awesome company that they are, share the revenue earned with users who create the videos.

    So let me tell you the story of a South African schoolboy Nadav Ossendryver whos fascination with wildlife inspired him to create a platform where users can share videos of their latest wildlife sightings & get paid to do so.

    LatestSightings.com was born in 2012 and specialize in making wildlife videos go viral on YouTube.

    Viral Video = Millions of views = Ton of Ad Revenue

    YouTube pays LatestSightings.com who in turn shares 40% of that with whom ever sent them the video.

    It’s a win-win for everybody… except this unlucky tourist.

    LatestSightings.com Fun Facts:

    • YouTube Channel (Kruger Sightings) gets over 15 million views per month
    • 315,985 YouTube Channel Subscribers
    • 172,257 Facebook Fans
    • Some members have already earned over R200,000
  9. Make Money Freelancing

    If you are proficient in a certain skill you can outsource your services online.

    Wouldn’t it be great to work your own hours & get paid in US Dollars? While those are the two great benefits of  freelancing.

    Where can you Freelance?

    Upwork.com Freelancing

    Freelancer.com Freelancing

    What type of Freelancing work is available?

    • Data Entry
    • Logo Design
    • Graphic Design
    • Website Design
    • Translation
    • Software Development
    • Internet Marketing
    • Writing
    • And Many More…

    I’m not going to beat around the bush, freelancing is a competitive marketplace. So be sure to over deliver on every job so that your clients come running back with their new projects.

    Your goal is to have 4 or 5  high paying, low maintenance clients providing you with a constant stream of work.

  10. Freelance Writing

    Freelance Writing
    Let’s delve a little deeper into the world of Freelance Writing and take a look at the most popular blogs out there willing to pay up to $100 per article.

    And If you don’t have a natural knack for writing it’s OK, these 150 great writing resources will help kick start your writing career.

    1. ListVerse – Earn $100 per article @ 1,500 words
    2. aListApart – Earn $50 to $200 per article @ 500-2,500 words
    3. FundsForWriters – Earn $50 per article @ 500-600 words
    4. UXBooth – Earn $100 per article @ 1,200-1800 words
    5. MatadorNetwork – $20 to $60 per article @ 1,500 words
    6. ThePennyHoarder – $100 for 50,000 page views @ 700-900 words
    7. InternationalLiving – Earn $75 per article
  11. Write & Publish an Amazon eBook

    Write & Publish Amazon Book
    Being a self-published author on Amazon has it’s rewards, take Mark Dawson for instance who earns over R6,000,000 per year from his self-published books on Amazon.

    So why not push your writing skills to the limit & take the next 6 months off to write up the next New York Times bestseller. After all it shouldn’t be too hard to topple best selling titles such as The Power of Positive Thinking & 50 Shades of Grey.

    If your book is a success, you can take it a step further & publish an audio edition to be sold on Audible.

  12. Sell on your education @ Udemy

    Sell Your Education to Udemy and make money
    If you’re a self-proclaimed expert in a trending niche consider sharing your expertise & creating a course for uDemy.

    With uDemy your course will reach 15 Million People in 190 Countries & if that isn’t motivation enough their top 10 instructors have earned a combined whooping R230 Million+

  13. Affiliate Marketing

    Most likely my favorite industry in the world! It’s easy, risk-free & super lucrative. In a nutshell you get paid to generate sales & leads for cool companies.


    How do you make money? (Beginners) 

    1. Sign-up as an affiliate at an agency. My two favorite affiliate marketing agencies in South Africa are Affiliate.co.za & AdMarula.
    2. Pick a product/brand, let’s say NetFlorist. You will receive a unique link.
    3. Share the link with your friends, Post It On Your Blog, Create an Ad on Facebook or Google AdWords.
    4. Every time someone visits NetFlorist through one of your links & makes a purchase you will earn a % commission on the sale.

    The real money with affiliate marketing is made when you have your own blog in a high-paying niche with free traffic from google.

  14. E-mail Marketing

    Make Money Online With E-mail Marketing
    The Golden Goose of Online Marketing, it will lay you an endless stream of golden eggs. Imagine having a database of 100,000 people whom are interested in luxurious Rolex watches.

    Once a month you send a mailer promoting the latest pieces, 10% of the users open the newsletter(10,000), a further 10% of those users click through to the ad(1,000), and lets say only 1% of those users actually buy a product.

    10 Sales x R150,000 per watch = R1,500,0000 @ 15% commission for you = R225,000 profit from one mailer. Rinse & repeat on a monthly basis.

  15. Social Media Influencer

    Monetize your social following by promoting big brands, the two major companies that connect influencers to brands are WebFluential & IZEA. You can use this tool to estimate how much a single tweet on your twitter account is worth, if you were Kanye West you’d be worth R500,000/tweet.

    Social Media Influencer

  16. Buy & Sell Domain Names

    It’s weird to think that domains can be traded like a commodity but the simple supply & demand laws of economics adds value to anything that is in limited supply.

    Insurance.com sold for $35.6m in 2010.(Full list of most expensive domains sold)

    You can also check out a list of some expensive .co.za domains for sale.

    Buy & Sell Domain Names

    So what makes a domain valuable?

    • Exact Match Keyword to a Service, Industry or Product.
      Casino.co.za, Insurance.co.za, LegalAid.co.za
    • Brandable Domain Names like Majestic.co.za
    • Domain Length, Shorter is Better.

    How does the little guy get involved?

    There are 1000’s of new businesses & blogs launching around the world on a daily basis and they will all need a great domain name.

    1. Search for brandable domains on WebAfrica.co.za, domains start at R99.00 per year
    2. List the domains for sale on websites like Sedo.com, Flippa.com or Afternic.com
    3. If 3-yrs down the line you sell it for R2,000 you’d still make a 238% profit.
  17. Buy & Sell Websites

    Aged websites that generate consistent revenue are Valuable Assets just like the piece of commercial real estate down the road that McDonald’s sits on.

    You can buy fully functional profit generating websites or you can build some from scratch & resell them. Check out Flippa & WeSellYourSite to learn more.

    Make Money Online Flipping Websites

  18. Create Mobile Apps
    Create Mobile Apps

    Create Apps, Pray they go viral, Become an overnight success. A simple idea like angry birds can net you over $200 million per year.

    Technology is evolving so rapidly that before you know it 8 billion people across the globe will each have a smartphone with internet access in their hand. Learn to code!

  19. Import The Next Big Thing from China

    Import From China With AliExpress

    It’s seems like everybody I talk too nowadays has this great idea to import a product from china at a cost of R100 then resell it on Gumtree for R2,000.

    The math makes sense and you’d be raking in tons of cash.

    Besides have you seen all the cool gadgets you can import off AliExpress? They literally have everything you can think of, from smartphones to laser beams!

    Ali Express Top Products

    3 Tips From Me To You:

    • Find products you can mark up at least 200-300%.
    • Go for products that are in high demand & move quickly.
      (Check out Gumtree Top Searches)
    • Be prepared to loose your initial investment.
  20. Start an Online Store with Shopify

    Start an online shopify store
    Shopify is an all-in-one solution for setting up your own online store in a matter of a minutes. You can sell anything your heart desires. If you’re fascinated with gym supplements get hold of a distributor, buy some stock & start making money.

    Advantages of Selling Online

    1. Open 24 Hours / 7 Days a week
    2. Reach Global Audience
    3. No Need to Rent Expensive Retail Space
  21. Sell Your Junk on Gumtree!

    Sell Your Stuff on Gumtree to Make Money Fast
    Your garage & cupboards are probably full with a ton of sh*t you don’t need, who knows maybe you even got some vintage Nintendo or Fender Guitar sitting there worth an ounce of gold. Rule #1 – If you don’t need it, sell it on Gumtree!

  22. Become An Uber Driver

    Become a Ubder Driver

    There are two ways for you to make money with Uber

    1. Become an Uber Drive
    2. Join the Uber Affiliate Program & help them attract more drivers. Uber will pay you R1350 ($100) for every applicant who successfully becomes an Uber Driver.

    If you opt for option 1, these are the current rates for uber drivers in South Africa:

    • Uber X
      R 5.00 – Base Fare
      R 0.70 – Per Minute
      R 7.00 – Per KM
      R20.00 – Minimum Fare
      R25.00 – Cancellation Fee

    Uber will take 20% of your earnings off the top & the rest is yours too keep.

  23. Become a Bank

    Become a Bank
    If you have R100,000 stashed away, you can put it to work in the P2P Market Place and earn a more favorable interest rate than the traditionally lower rates offered by our banks.

    Check out RainFin

  24. Binary Options Trading

    Binary Options is a simple way to trade the financial markets. The most popular binary option trade is a HIGH/LOW trade.

    Simply said you are betting that the price of an asset will be higher or lower within a given time.

    High Low Binary Options Trade

    A simple R1,000 trade can net you R1,900 in as short as 30 to 60 seconds. You can however loose the full R1,000 if the market moves against you.

    To see what the fuss is about I recommend opening an account at one of the large brokerage houses like 24Option.

    Why I recommend 24Option?

    • Trusted Broker – Proud Sponsors of UFC Star Conor McGregor
    • Free 100% Deposit Bonus – Instantly Double Your Money
  25. Forex Trading (CFD Trading)

    Forex trading is simply betting whether one currency will get weaker or strong against another currency. So over the next 6 months will the rand weaken or strengthen?

    If you’re too lazy to learn the Ins & Outs of Forex Trading, Their is an awesome new system called ‘Social Trading‘ which allows you to automatically copy the best traders with the click of a button.

    I’ve written a full guide on what is forex tradinghow to trade forex using eToro!

    If you don’t feel like reading my guide and you want to check out a forex broker, I recommend you try eToro.

    I recommend eToro because:

    • They have over 4,500,000 active traders world wide
    • Free Demo Account too Practice
    • Best Social Trading with their ‘CopyTrader’ platform.

    Online Market Trading

Final Thoughts On How to Make Money Online…

Like in all other areas of life, making money online is not going to be easy.

You will probably fail a few time & that’s ok because every time you fail you will be one step closer to succeeding.

Persistence is key, so keep on moving forward until you find something that works for you!

BONUS: Infographic

How To Make Money Online Infographic!

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