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Snake Oil

3 Snake Oil Offers to Watchout For!

Snakeoil Remedy

You’re about to learn about some sneaky websites currently doing the rounds in SA, from tricking loan applicants into a monthly subscription fee for a ‘loan finding service’ to promises of showing you how to earn $800 per day, everyday using an online money making system.. Lol.

Come on people, certainly the only person making $800 per day is the punter who created the snake remedy & the affiliate marketer promoting it.

Something I learnt from a very young age is that when it comes to MONEY anything that is too good to be true, is too f*cking good to be true.

Snake Oil – a product, policy, etc. of little real worth or value that is promoted as the solution to a problem.

Although FastMoney is a blog about making money online we focus only on legit methods, anything fishy gets reviewed under our Snake Oil (scams) category!

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Get Paid To

Paid Surveys 101: Your Guide to Online Surveys that Pay!

Paid Surveys Guide

Online surveys are a fun & easy way for South Africans to earn some extra pocket money online. You simply have to share your opinion on products or services to earn rewards.

What makes paid surveys so appealing is that they are 100% free to join, require no experience & allow you to work from home on your own schedule.

If your looking to try out some paid surveys in SA you’re in for a treat as I’ve just finished reviewing 3 of the most popular companies.

I was extremely diligent with my research, so rest assured I’ve made sure to filter out the ‘paid survey scams’ and only select the few that are free to join, work with South Africans & have 100% track record with payouts!

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Online Trading

Forex Trading: How To Trade Forex

Forex Trading

I’m guessing your a novice to Forex Trading so I’ve taken some time to write-up this guide for you which covers exactly what the Forex market is, the basics of forex trading, and how to trade forex with the help of one of the best Forex brokers available in South Africa – eToro.

Forex trading is a great way to make money online because the whole world economy revolves around the trade of forex. People, Corporations & Countries are buying and selling currencies every single second of every single day. So there is no limit to how much you can make & it’s 100% regulated by official agencies across the world.

You can skip to any of the sub-sections using the menu below:

So, let’s get started on your forex trading journey!

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Blogging & SEO

How to Start a Blog: Step-by-Step Guide to Starting a Successful Blog

How to Start a Blog

If you’re someone who is wondering how to start a blog but gets intimidated with the mighty blogging and hosting platforms, you’re in luck!

My goal here is to give you a detailed and stepwise explanation on every phase of starting a blog, to set you up for success from the beginning.

You don’t have to be a techie or HTML expert to run a money-making blog! All you need to invest is 15 minutes of undivided attention in understanding these basic instructions, which will start and drive your blog in the right direction.

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Money Tips

11 Legit Ways To Make Money Online

Make Money Online

We are living in the greatest era known to man, The Information Age has made it 100% possible for anyone to make money online & I’m guessing you’re smart enough to know that if you too learn how to make money online you will be able to take part of this modern day gold rush. Right?

So let’s get too it, I’m a 28yr old Affiliate Marketer & generate over R250,000 per month from various online projects. Over the last several years I’ve personally tried & tested the many different methods available to South Africans to earn money online, so I’ve decided to share what works & what doesn’t so that you don’t fall victim to any of those tempting  snake oil offers.

Why you should trust me?

While, this article is ranked No. #1 on Google for ‘Make Money Online‘… Google doesn’t make mistakes 😉

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Money Tips

How I Got Out of Debt in 3 Steps

Up until the age of 26 I had absolutely zero debt & couldn’t understand why people bought stuff they couldn’t afford in the first place.

Then it all happened at once, my business took a major financial hit & I couldn’t afford the standard of life I was accustom to.

No more spending tens of thousands of Rands on clothes, booze & holidays. No more buying cars cash either!

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Online Trading

Forex Trading & The 3 Mistakes Which Cost Me R1 Million

Forex Trading

I inherited a large chunk of change around 2012, from an affiliate marketing website I had sold to an American Investor.

There I was 24-yrs old & ready to conquer the world, besides If I can build & sell a successful multi-million rand website, I sure as f#ck can master the art of FOREX TRADING!

My journey into this $3 trillion dollar a day industry had begun!

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